Monday, June 9, 2014

A slight detour

We are adding to the fold. When my dad died in 2012, Mom wasn't sure where she wanted to live. She is less than two miles away in a condo they had purchased only two years before he died, but it doesn't feel like home and she is lonely there. Two miles might be too close for some mothers and adult daughters, but for us  it is too far when the satellite remote isn't working, the toilet is leaking, or someone has locked themselves out. My house is too small & we considered selling both homes to buy something together, but there is nothing suitable in our area. Plus, we really love the house and neighborhood. Instead, we've decided to sell her condo, and then launch a remaking of this little abode.

One of the greatest challenges will be creating a comfortable, accessible, space for Mom to live while maintaining the charm of an antique cape. It's a big challenge, but I think we can do this. 

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