Tuesday, May 28, 2013

We now return to the regularly scheduled program

No posts for  a year!

Not because I haven’t done anything—I've been busy with project after project and fall into bed exhausted every night. It’s because in my world of flexible design, projects seem to morph and mutate and few come to a solid, photograph-able, post-worthy end.

Do your projects ever do that?

At least there were two projects that made the cut: Terrariums for Christmas presents

 In case you're wondering, I meant to put Frodo and Gandalf outside Sam's house, because everyone knows Bilbos' door is green, Sam's is yellow. Duh.  Also, apparently moss doesn't require a lot of soil, so the 4 inches of base was a bit redundant. I should know that, but plants don't survive long in my care.

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