Monday, January 9, 2012


photo by Jacques Henri Lartigue

2011 in Review: 

I started this blog, and opened the Etsy shop. The blog was intended to be strictly for business, but personal events directly impact my work decisions, and by not addressing these, there’s not much to post. I’m not someone who can keep their life neatly compartmentalized, so maybe it’s time to let it all run together.

Consider yourself warned.

First, though not foremost, I’m developing new “products” for MS&R. Geographically, this is a tough location for hunting vintage clothes and I’m loath to build a new business based on the whims of serendipity, so I need to branch out. I have tons of ideas and have been steadily making prototypes and patterns which always take more time than allotted. I’ve finally learned not to crow about my dreams until they can actually  work, so that’s all I’m prepared to say about the new products for now.

Second, and more importantly, The Kid and I have been eating healthier. We cut out gluten at the end of July and I immediately felt more energetic and a near cessation of the morning “feels like a 10 margarita hangover” headache. Within a few weeks I had lost 15 lbs. 

In the "stupid is as stupid does" category, I spent way too much time with someone who demanded most of my energy and attention. Sadly, it took a while to realize they were unworthy, and put an end to the fiasco. Still, it was a good reminder that a person’s behavior is a better gauge of  character than words. It’s easy to understand this in theory, but not so easy to recognize the conflict between words and actions in practice.

I began sewing again. I used to be an avid sewer, but stopped several years ago because it was no longer enjoyable.  Now that I am (mostly) mended, I am again finding pleasure in joining thread and cloth.

For the first time in many years, this New Year promises to bring new beginnings, joys and adventures. 

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